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1.We have 23 ordinary classes and one learning disability resources class in the 108th academic year,23 classes in total. We have an enrollment of 584 students.

2.There are 47 teachers, 8 administrators, 2guards, 5 mechanics and janitors, The total staff goes to 62.

The principle

         A paradise of growing and learning for children. Follow the development and progressing of the educational steps, the administrative system of school, teachers and all parent of the student still need to run a better studying environment, seeking for a better educational quality. To make “Yong Jian” become a delicate primary school where children can be raised for personality on life’s attitude and capability of “pleased for communication”,“love to try to create” and “practice for truth” to suit for the competitive environment under the globalization of the future world. To take education as one’s career, one must like to aim our life, use “love” and “good example” as a fountain of education. For cultivating this land, we hope all students, parents, all students of the community, all partners our team could “join the wonderful world together” to esablish an warm and harmonic school environment., to hold the chance in hand, For our children an clean ;and , for Yong Jian’s kids a best memory in his happy childhood.


Management Spirit

1.To manage YJPS with native spirit and farm the pure land of YJPS with teacher’s specialty.

2.Integrate the administrators of the school. Make the team to become one with members who are willing to communicate,have far-sightedness and pursue efficiency.

3.Encourage the teachers to have open minds, love patience and professional capacity.

4.Encourage the parents to be willing to communicate, be happy to serve and be enthusiastic to participate in school affairs.

5.The administrator, teachers and parents work together to make the campus have atmosphere of developing humanity, educating personality and improving life.

   All staff should help the students to learn happily, cognize effectively and do things accurately